2020 Grant Funding

School safety grant funding is available to improve school safety throughout the country.
What are you doing to improve the safety in your schools?

Here at SchoolSAFE, we pride ourselves in our ability to empower community partnerships. Throughout our trainings, we encourage school safety teams and public safety personnel to work together to improve their communications during an emergency.

An added bonus during these trainings occurs when team members share ideas. Improvements are then made between the professional first responders and those in charge at the school. Many times, discussions for improvement include the necessity of funding to accomplish what was discussed.

School Safety Grant Funding Opportunities

Because of the current climate in school safety, there are many opportunities to apply for school safety grant funding. Improvements to schools in their communications efforts, controlled access, interoperability, and safety personnel are all included in the multiple grants currently open for application.

For example, here in Colorado, the SAFER Grant is available to provide hardware, software, and training for interoperable communications to K-12 schools.

Throughout the country, the Department of Justice has a nation-wide grant, due March 3.
We strongly encourage all interested groups to apply, it is worth the effort to potentially get funding to improve your school(s) and district safety measures. There are also classes you can take in your local communities if you need help in understanding how to effectively write for a grant.

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-SAFER Grant

DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance