The SchoolSAFE bridge, or connection, is based on industry-standard devices that are reliable and time tested. Complex public safety radio systems regularly use similar equipment for temporary patches to outside radio systems. This is where SchoolSAFE Communications differentiates itself from temporary radio patches. The SchoolSAFE program incorporates hardware, software, and training to create a solution that improves school safety when needed.


Technology to prevent unauthorized use and activation is part of the package. The Certified Ready training program will define how to enable and disable the system when necessary.

Package documentation will describe how to schedule regular testing, training, and exercises to ensure the equipment is useful in an emergency situation. The involvement of public safety officials in your area is strongly encouraged and can be paramount to making the system functional and reliable.

Sales efforts are cognizant of this necessity and will accomplish the cooperative environment with demonstrations and informational meetings between the parties. The SchoolSAFE solution is flexible, radios can be provided for complex or simple radio systems. The SchoolSAFE solution will be programmed to preclude interference to either system.

The solution will be provided observant of FCC rules and regulations, with either programming or equipment to satisfy licensing demands.