The SchoolSAFE Program

SchoolSAFE bridging is based on industry standard devices that are time-tested and reliable. Complex public safety radio systems regularly use similar equipment for temporary bridges to outside radio systems. This is where SchoolSAFE Communications differentiates itself from temporary radio bridges. SchoolSAFE hardware is permanently installed and integrated into school and public safety data networks to allow remote activation and deactivation via a software, and school safety teams are trained on best practices.

Prevention of unauthorized use and activation is part of the package. Certified Ready training and exerciseĀ  included with installation will define how to activate the system either via the radio itself and/or via the software, best practices on the radio, improvement of situational awareness, and encourage community partnerships.

Sales efforts are cognizant of this necessity and will accomplish the cooperative environment with demonstrations and informational meetings between the parties. The SchoolSAFE solution is flexible, radios can be provided for complex or simple radio systems.

The solution will be provided observant of FCC rules and regulations, with either programming or equipment to satisfy licensing demands.

Customer Use Case:

“Radio interoperability is utilized and practiced with exercises all the time, working on unified commands with all the community partners standing next to each other during an exercise at the school and utilizing the SchoolSAFE program. This collaborative approach drastically improves the response.”